Welcome to the new Newsle

We first launched the Newsle private beta in January 2011, with an article in TechCrunch. We got great feedback from you, our beta users, and over the last 8 months, we’ve done a complete overhaul of the product to incorporate what we’ve learned.

It’s not exactly a pivot, since the core idea – tracking news about the people you care about – hasn’t changed. It’s more of an evolution.

Before, Newsle focused on finding archive news. We thought that what our users wanted was a way to get some background on their friends, and see what big things their friends had done in the past. But you told us that what’s really valuable is finding recent news about your friends, right after it’s published.

Now, Newsle finds news about you and your friends minutes or hours after it’s published. When your friend makes the news, we email you immediately.

Every day, we process over 1 million articles – which is pretty much every major (and most minor) news article and blog post that’s published online. We’re tracking over 3 million people in the news. And your friends are more famous than you think: a majority of our users have friends in the news every week.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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