Top 10 Trending Tech People in March

It’s no surprise that the world of tech has been busy this month. Apple announced a dividend and share buyback plan, apps launched at SXSW, Instagram revealed their Android plans, and almost everyone was playing Draw Something. The following people had the biggest one day increases in the number of times they made news in March, within the category of tech.

1.  Peter Oppenheimer: Apple has $98 billion in reserve. On March 19th, the company announced their plans for all that cash and CFO Oppenheimer was mentioned 67* times in the news.

2.  Jack Dorsey: Dorsey peaked on March 21st, the 6th birthday of Twitter, the company he created. Happy birthday!

3.  Steve Wozniak: With all the hype surrounding the new iPad, it’s clear why Apple’s Co-Founder was buzzed about so much on its release date.

4.  Reed Hastings: Netflix was in recovery mode this month, as CEO Hastings announced that the company was seeking a partnership with a cable company; the share price rose 4% shortly thereafter.

5.  Kevin Systrom: Systrom’s big day was March 12th, the day after his company, Instagram, announced that they had 27 million users and were planning to launch an Android version very soon.

6.  Dan Porter: It seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere in March without seeing someone playing Draw Something. Recently, Zynga confirmed rumors that they had acquired OMGPOP, the company responsible for the game. Porter will now serve as VP of General Management at Zynga New York.

7.  Chris Hughes: Hughes, an original Co-Founder of Facebook, purchased a majority stake of politics and public affairs magazine The New Republic this month.

8.   Jeremy Stoppelman: March 2nd will forever be known as “Yelp IPO day.”

9.  Arianna Huffington: The only woman to make the list, Huffington was in the news as she reflected on the passing of conservative writer Andrew Breitbart.

10.  Ray Muzyka: The CEO of video game developer BioWare found himself in the news when gamers responded negatively to the end of the popular trilogy Mass Effect 3.

*Based on English-only articles, removing duplicates. This article based on data between March 1st and March 27th.

What do you think was the biggest story in tech news this month?