How to Follow Your Favorite Celebrities on Newsle

Following celebrities is addicting, whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, or just on MTV. Yet, sometimes those same celebrities share things that are largely irrelevant to their fans.

As a popular example, Kanye West once sent a successive flurry of tweets as he drove through New York City bashing the fashion choices he saw. He insulted people on the street wearing “off-brand workout sneakers,” “khaki cargo shorts,” and “hoodies with sport coats.” Now for some, this is entertainment. For others, this is noise. What’s the average fan supposed to do who just wants to read Kanye West news without all the chatter? Where can you get information about album releases from your favorite singers, announcements from your politicians of choice, and movie reviews about your hollywood crush without scrolling through endless amounts of tweets, blog posts, or other content? And where can you get this all in one place?

Enter Newsle.

Newsle alerts you when the people you care about make the news, whether that’s your best friend, your co-worker, your favorite journalist, or even Kanye West.

To find celebrities to follow, click on “Top People” underneath the top black bar in your Newsle account. This will display people in the news right now, including athletes, politicians, musicians, and more. Then, choose from the category of people you want to select from, and find people that interest you. For example, today’s selection of actors in the news includes Robert Pattinson, Angelina Jolie, John Travolta, and others. (Or, if you want to follow one person in specific, simply search for their name in the “search people” bar up top. So if you are a huge Ellen Degeneres fan, you can find her profile directly.)

Newsle Public Figures

Once you’ve followed the celebrities of your choice, they will start appearing in the “public figures” section of the display feed marked “my people” (as seen in the image above.) Personally, I enjoy flipping back and forth between my Facebook Friends feed and my Public Figures feed so that I can see what my classmates are up to, and then I can see what headlines Hillary Clinton, Tina Fey, and Dennis Crowley have made.

Setup alerts for your favorite celebrities today, and you’ll never miss another headline again!

What celebrities will you follow? 

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