How to Use Newsle During Your Job Hunt

Calling all recent grads, career changers, and job hunters! Newsle isn’t only a great tool for tracking your friends or favorite celebrities in the news, it’s also a resource you can use while searching for a job. In this competitive economy, job seekers can really benefit from new ways to stand out from the crowd. Below are three ways you can use Newsle to advance your job hunt.

Show off your Expertise

It can be really helpful to prove that you’re knowledgeable about a particular industry before applying for a job. And it’s always better to show, not tell. If you take a look at my Newsle profile, you’ll see that I was quoted in a story on Mashable about the restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill and their social media presence, as well as in two stories for CNN Tech. Being quoted in a popular website can add credibility to your application, but it can be difficult to keep track of all those links. Newsle takes the work out of it and displays any time you’re mentioned in the news, so all your wonderful, knowledgeable quotes will be in one place!

Display Writing Clips

Now that Newsle allows you to follow your favorite journalists, it’s easier than ever to provide writing clips to prospective employer. If you’re applying to be a Reporter, Community Manager, or any other position that requires good writing skills (which is a lot, these days) you’ll probably be asked for clips of your best work. Instead of providing individual links to each story, you can simply give the hiring manager your Newsle profile. Newsle combs the web for anything that you’ve written for any online publication, but in case we’ve missed anything, you can add a story to your page by clicking “submit article” on your profile. For an example of what the finished product looks like for a writer, take a look at my personal favorite journalist, Brian Stelter of the New York Times.

Research, Research, Research

During the interview process, it helps to have an arsenal of knowledge. Before your first interview, you should do research on the company as well as people in your prospective department. Newsle makes this incredibly easy. Let’s say, for example, that you’re applying for a job at Facebook. Your first step should be following Mark Zuckerberg. That way, you’ll get specific news about him, but you’ll also get a decent amount of news about the company in general.

Next, follow the top people in the department that you’re applying for. If you’re applying for an operational job, it’d be a good idea to follow Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. Finally, see if the people who will be directly interviewing you have made any headlines by looking them up as well.

This research will pay off during your interviews. You might be asked a question that relates to one of the company’s executives, and you’ll be well prepared. Or, you can find a way to slip in a mention about a story that recently made the news. Either way, your interviewer will be impressed that you are up to date on the latest headlines.

So next time you apply for a job, make sure the company knows that you are newsworthy!

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