Using Newsle to Track Your Brand

News travels quickly these days, and public opinion about a company can change in a matter of seconds. That being said, it can be difficult to keep track of what people are saying about your company, your competitors, and your industry in general. Newsle simplifies this process by allowing you to track the journalists that are relevant to your brand.

For example, let’s say you’re the PR Manager of a startup building a mobile payments system. Here’s what you can do with Newsle:

See What People Are Saying About Your Brand

Having a grasp on how the market feels about your company is critical to managing a successful PR campaign. And sometimes, Google Alerts doesn’t offer enough insight. If you happen to work for LevelUp, a service originally created by SCVNGR that recently pivoted to be a loyalty/payment app, then the last sentence in this story in GigaOM might clue you in to where you stand. After announcing LevelUp’s newest funding and explaining what the company does, the author concludes by saying that LevelUp’s service might be “confusing for now, seeing so many options in the market.” From a strategic standpoint, the PR Manager can find a way to carve a more identifiable niche. As a follow up, he or she could subscribe to all stories written by the author, Ryan Kim, to see if he ever changes his mind. (On a side note, Kim writes many stories about mobile applications, so he’s a good person to follow for anyone interested in that field.)

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

In the mobile payments sector, Jack Dorsey currently reigns supreme. Any PR Manager would be wise to know what Dorsey is cooking up at his company, Square. Over the past few weeks, Square has been investing more in the Android operating system, adding as many as one Android engineer every week. Chances are if you’re competing against Jack, knowing what they are investing in will help you communicate with your stakeholders.

Stay Up to Date on Industry Trends

If you work for a mobile payments company, you probably already had a good idea about Square’s overall strategy. But you might occasionally miss a story about other external factors in your industry. For example, Congress has been debating over which federal agency should have authority over mobile payments and their policies regarding security of data.

In another trend, companies who previously weren’t too involved in technology are getting their hands dirty with mobile payments. I personally love the Starbucks app, and apparently so do many of their customers. As of April of this year, over 45 million payments had been made using Starbucks’ platform. The coffee giant was recently joined by Burger King, who just this month began testing a mobile payment application in 50 of their stores. So perhaps mobile payment developers should fear a hamburger joint and a coffee shop more than the tech company started by the former CEO of Twitter.

These tactics apply to more than just mobile payment companies, though. Any industry professional can benefit from Newsle alerts, whether you work for a video game developer (so you could follow Larry Frum, who writes about gaming for CNN Tech) or an online retailer (you might want to follow Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.)