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A few weeks ago we profiled some of our favorite mom bloggers in the news. It was only a natural companion piece for us to feature some dads who blog, as well. (And in case you missed it, here are some newsworthy higher education professionals.) Below are a handful of dad bloggers who make headlines:

Bruce Sallan - Fitting with our decision to profile mom bloggers before dad bloggers, Bruce wrote a piece about how moms often take the spotlight in the parental blogging sphere. Read his comparison of mom bloggers & dad bloggers and decide for yourself who reigns supreme.

Michael Sheehan - Michael, AKA “High Tech Dad,” writes a blog where “technology and fatherhood collide.” He recently wrote a piece about a lot of phishy sites that are taking advantage of London 2012 hype and attempting to scam people doing Olympics related searches.

Mike Adamick  – Mike, the writer of “Cry It Out,” has a very serious question posted on SFGate for all the adults out there – which way do you tie your rabbits?

Matt Logelin - Matt, author of “Matt, Liz, and Madeline” has been making news lately because his New York Times bestselling book, Two Kisses for Maddy, has been optioned by Lifetime TV. If the deal goes forward, his book will be adapted into a TV movie by the Co-Creator of “Friends” and the producers of “The Lucky One.”

Dan Pearce - I specifically saved Dan for last. He is better known as “Single Dad Laughing,” but to many, he is a controversial figure in the dad blogging world. Lisa Belkin of the Huffington Post wrote a great piece titled “The Latest Battle in the Dad Blog War” that shows what other parent blogs have to say about Dan; they claim he’s too staged, his stories are too easy (which I’ll admit, I’ve thought from time to time; like when he was trapped on a mountain but has several great pictures of the experience. Who’s first instinct when they feel stranded & physically tormented is “hey friend, take a bunch of pictures of this so I can turn it into a five post series!?” But to Dan’s credit, I read all five parts. I’m not here to judge, just to share who makes the news; and Dan certainly stirs up quite a story.

Who are your favorite newsworthy dads?

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