Movers & Shakers: Dad Bloggers

A few weeks ago we profiled some of our favorite mom bloggers in the news. It was only a natural companion piece for us to feature some dads who blog, as well. (And in case you missed it, here are some newsworthy higher education professionals.) Below are a handful of dad bloggers who make headlines:

Bruce Sallan - Fitting with our decision to profile mom bloggers before dad bloggers, Bruce wrote a piece about how moms often take the spotlight in the parental blogging sphere. Read his comparison of mom bloggers & dad bloggers and decide for yourself who reigns supreme.

Michael Sheehan - Michael, AKA “High Tech Dad,” writes a blog where “technology and fatherhood collide.” He recently wrote a piece about a lot of phishy sites that are taking advantage of London 2012 hype and attempting to scam people doing Olympics related searches.

Mike Adamick  – Mike, the writer of “Cry It Out,” has a very serious question posted on SFGate for all the adults out there – which way do you tie your rabbits?

Matt Logelin - Matt, author of “Matt, Liz, and Madeline” has been making news lately because his New York Times bestselling book, Two Kisses for Maddy, has been optioned by Lifetime TV. If the deal goes forward, his book will be adapted into a TV movie by the Co-Creator of “Friends” and the producers of “The Lucky One.”

Dan Pearce - I specifically saved Dan for last. He is better known as “Single Dad Laughing,” but to many, he is a controversial figure in the dad blogging world. Lisa Belkin of the Huffington Post wrote a great piece titled “The Latest Battle in the Dad Blog War” that shows what other parent blogs have to say about Dan; they claim he’s too staged, his stories are too easy (which I’ll admit, I’ve thought from time to time; like when he was trapped on a mountain but has several great pictures of the experience. Who’s first instinct when they feel stranded & physically tormented is “hey friend, take a bunch of pictures of this so I can turn it into a five post series!?” But to Dan’s credit, I read all five parts. I’m not here to judge, just to share who makes the news; and Dan certainly stirs up quite a story.

Who are your favorite newsworthy dads?

Movers & Shakers: Higher Education

It may be summer vacation, but higher education professionals are still making headlines. From power struggles to bullying of teachers, there is no shortage of news about our country’s schools. (In case you missed it, last week we profiled mom bloggers in the news.) This week, we look at the professors, writers, and administrators who shape the higher education system.


Erik Qualman - Qualman, a social media consultant known for his Socialnomics book, is also a professor at Hult International Business School. Qualman was mentioned in this story about viral videos. The story touts Qualman’s Social Media Revolution web series as a strongly educational video, on the same plane as TED talks.

Mark Schaefer – Schaefer’s accomplishments include writing two books, being named to Forbes “Power 50″ social media influencers, as well as being an adjunct professor at Rutgers University. Schaefer recently wrote a piece for Influencer Marketing Review about social influence. He claims that at a conference he was introduced with his Klout score and number of Twitter followers, but with no mention that he had two graduate degrees or taught at a university. Have we reached a turning point in what identifies us, whether that be education or follower count? Read Mark’s opinion to see what he thinks.

Sree Sreenivasan - Sree is a professor & Dean of Student Affairs at Columbia Journalism School. He’s also a social media blogger on CNET News where he wrote recently about how to keep kids safe online. He’s frequently on top lists of people to follow including AdAge’s 25 media people on Twitter. He also uses his influence to help non-profits, which we love.


Renu Khator – The President of the University of Houston is noted as being one of the only university presidents on Twitter. She recently made headlines when she publicly announced that she wouldn’t be taking on the role of President of Purdue University, though she was believed to be the front runner for the position.

Feniosky Peña-Mora – Up until recently, Peña-Mora was serving as the Dean of Columbia University’s school of engineering. Faculty resistance and public criticism ultimately caused Peña-Mora to step down. In a similar story, Alejandro Zaera was recently named the Dean of Architecture at Princeton, despite public outcry from a majority of graduate students in the school’s programs. Each story demonstrates how different universities respond to criticism from within their respective communities.


Jenna Johnson - Working for the Washington Post, Johnson is a respected education writer. A recent piece (also written by Anita KumarDaniel de Vise, and Paul Schwartzman) provides extensive coverage over the President of University of Virginia being ousted and reinstated over the course of 18 days. Playing out like a hollywood movie about corporate loyalties and power struggles, this piece alone is reason enough to follow the headlines that Johnson writes.

Christine Armario - A reporter for the Associated Press, Armario covers the U.S. Department of Education. She also writes about trends in education; after the infamous video about the bullied bus monitor, Armario wrote a piece about the rising issue of students bullying teachers and administrators.

What other higher education professionals shape the news?

Top 10 Trending Tech People in March

It’s no surprise that the world of tech has been busy this month. Apple announced a dividend and share buyback plan, apps launched at SXSW, Instagram revealed their Android plans, and almost everyone was playing Draw Something. The following people had the biggest one day increases in the number of times they made news in March, within the category of tech.

1.  Peter Oppenheimer: Apple has $98 billion in reserve. On March 19th, the company announced their plans for all that cash and CFO Oppenheimer was mentioned 67* times in the news.

2.  Jack Dorsey: Dorsey peaked on March 21st, the 6th birthday of Twitter, the company he created. Happy birthday!

3.  Steve Wozniak: With all the hype surrounding the new iPad, it’s clear why Apple’s Co-Founder was buzzed about so much on its release date.

4.  Reed Hastings: Netflix was in recovery mode this month, as CEO Hastings announced that the company was seeking a partnership with a cable company; the share price rose 4% shortly thereafter.

5.  Kevin Systrom: Systrom’s big day was March 12th, the day after his company, Instagram, announced that they had 27 million users and were planning to launch an Android version very soon.

6.  Dan Porter: It seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere in March without seeing someone playing Draw Something. Recently, Zynga confirmed rumors that they had acquired OMGPOP, the company responsible for the game. Porter will now serve as VP of General Management at Zynga New York.

7.  Chris Hughes: Hughes, an original Co-Founder of Facebook, purchased a majority stake of politics and public affairs magazine The New Republic this month.

8.   Jeremy Stoppelman: March 2nd will forever be known as “Yelp IPO day.”

9.  Arianna Huffington: The only woman to make the list, Huffington was in the news as she reflected on the passing of conservative writer Andrew Breitbart.

10.  Ray Muzyka: The CEO of video game developer BioWare found himself in the news when gamers responded negatively to the end of the popular trilogy Mass Effect 3.

*Based on English-only articles, removing duplicates. This article based on data between March 1st and March 27th.

What do you think was the biggest story in tech news this month?

Top 7 Famous Patricks for St. Patty’s Day!

It’s the time of year for leprechauns, green beer and the celebration of good ol’ St. Patrick. We understand his main claim to fame is banishing snakes from Ireland, but he did some other great stuff too. We thought, why not turn this into an ode to Patricks in general?

So we put together a list of the top seven Patricks in the news.

  1.  Patrick Leahy: Patrick is the senior US senator from Vermont and has a Fame Factor of 82. Most recently, he was in the news for his support of the Violence Against Women Act, which we suspect even St. Patrick would have approved of.
  2.  Patrick Willis: Willis is the inside linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. He’s also currently being featured in a face-off with Vernon Davis in Madden.
  3.  Patrick Kane: Patrick Kane plays Hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks. He also has a sweet condo in the Trump Tower.
  4.  Patrick Sharp: There must be something up with Patricks and Hockey because Sharp is also a player for the Chicago Blackhawks.
  5.  Patrick Stewart: Better known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek and Professor Xavier of X-Men, Stewart is overflowing with sci-fi cred. If you’re still not convinced he’s worthy than watch his “Measure of a Man” speech from Star Trek.
  6.  Patrick Dempsey: We’ll be honest, Dempsey is best known for being dreamy, but clearly he’s very good at it. We’ve also confirmed he has Irish ancestry, the only question left is how he deals with snakes…
  7.  Patrick Marleau: Marleau plays hockey for the San Jose Sharks. He’s undergone some recent criticism for how he’s been playing, so we hope the luck of the Irish will help him get back on track.

What do you think of our lucky seven? Who’s your favorite Patrick?

Top 10 Trending People in February

Between the Oscars, the Grammys and the Republican primaries, February was a month filled with celebrities and politicians. We put together a list of the top people trending in the news this month. Between awards, upsets and wins these people had the biggest one day increases in the number of times they made news in February.

Here’s the top 10:

  1.  Meryl Streep: Her upset win at the Oscars meant everyone was talking about this actress. On February 26th, Meryl was mentioned 1137 times*. Now, that‘s a win.
  2.  Barack Obama: We’ll admit, President Obama’s in the news all the time, but this month his name surged. His top day in the news was followed the heels of the release of his new budget proposal on February 13th.
  3.  Rick Santorum: Santorum’s top day was February 8th, after some key wins that surprised nearly everyone.
  4.  Kanye West: the talented and sometimes controversial musician picked up four Grammys this February and made it into 639* news articles.
  5.  Mitt Romney’s peak this month was on February 6th after a major win in the Nevada caucuses.
  6.  Jennifer Hudson: Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston got her eight times the amount of press in February than is average for the singer.
  7.  Newt Gringrich: Newt’s peak day was February 6th when, among other things, he dropped his quest to be in the Virginia primary.
  8.  George Clooney: Although the handsome star didn’t win any Oscars, he still made a splash that night. Between kissing Billy Crystal and talk of his gold-clad date, February 26th was Clooney’s biggest day in the press this month.
  9. Jeremy Lin: Could we really talk about the top people this month without mentioning Jeremy Lin? Earlier, we noted his dramatic rise in the news and this caused February to be a record month for Lin. His biggest news day was when the Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings.
  10. Ron Paul: Paul’s biggest day in the news was February 8th as speculation increased around his success at winning delegates.

*Based on English-only articles, removing duplicates.

Was it who you expected? Is there anyone you wish had made the list?

Linsanity! Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise in the news

The world cannot stop talking about Jeremy Lin. In about a month, he’s gone from a name known to devoted sports fans to a name no one can stop talking about. Celebrities can’t get enough of him: Beyonce and Jay-Z are fans, and Vegas has 5/1 odds of him going on a date with Kim Kardashian. He’s headed to the All-Stars Weekend and survived not one but two Sports illustrated covers without getting jinxed. An ESPN writer was recently fired for writing an offensive headline about him. He’s poised to be the next Michael Jordan and will soon have the shoes to match.

The height of Linsanity was February 15th, when the Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings with 13 assists and 10 points from Lin. That day he was featured in 516 news articles.

So, what do you think, is Jeremy Lin here to stay or a passing fad?