#London2012 Olympics News Roundup

Gabby Douglas Creative Commons via Flickr

Another Olympics has come and gone. While it may have felt like it went by in a flash, there have been many headlines that will remain prominent for years. Whether that’s broken records, broken dreams, or performances that nearly brought down the stadium, the London 2012 Summer Olympic games were certainly newsworthy. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories:

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold – Perhaps one of the greatest stories to come out of this year’s Olympic Games is Gabrielle Douglas, the 16-year-old American who became the first African American to win the all around title at the Olympics. Not only that, she’s become NBC’s “most clicked” athlete, even beating Michael Phelps. (But one of the most viral internet stories to come out of London 2012 is Douglas’s teammate McKayla Maroney, who is “not impressed.”)

Usain Bolt Breaks Records – Gabby Douglas isn’t the only one rewriting history. Bolt lead his relay team to a gold medal and a new world record in the 4x100m event. (So maybe we should cut him some slack for partying until 6am, right?)

Ryan Locthe Takes the Spotlight - Much attention was given to Ryan Locthe, the American swimmer, after his impressive showing this year. A lot of speculation has been placed on Locthe’s future: Will we see him next on Dancing With the Stars? How about his own reality TV show?

Opening & Closing Ceremonies Showcase London – While Danny Boyle‘s opening ceremonies were highly regarded for displaying historic literary, cultural, and political triumphs, some argued they were outdone by the closing ceremonies. And that’s a tough act to beat, as the closing ceremonies was a rocking concert featuring the Spice Girls, The Who, One Direction, Jessie J, Eric Idle, and others.

Sarah Attar is Not the Last - Even though she finished last in her event, Sarah Attar made history by becoming the first female track and field athlete to represent Saudi Arabia. She was congratulated by a crowd of 80,000 people on their feet cheering for her

What were your favorite stories of London 2012?