Movers & Shakers: Mom Bloggers

All hail the mom blogger! There’s no denying the power that these journalistic women have. As seen in this infographic (originally published in Mashable), mom bloggers are more likely to volunteer, have a higher household income, and are more likely to have a college degree than non-blogging moms. In total, about 3.9 million moms in the United States would refer to themselves as bloggers. We picked some of our favorite mom bloggers to give you a sense of when and why these mighty moms make the news:

Jenny Lawson – Also known as The Bloggess, Jenny recently published her “mostly true memoir,” Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. A couple months after its release, the book is still a hot seller, and appears on Top 10 best-seller lists frequently.

Leah Segedie – The creator of Mamavation (and owner of Bookieboo) was put in a “face off” against fellow mom blogger Audrey McClelland about the topic of putting your child on a diet. Which mom do you agree with?

Jessica Gottlieb – Never afraid to speak up, Jessica’s opinion appeared alongside the “Cool Whip Controversy” that set the blogosphere ablaze. Mom bloggers can find themselves in the firing line of criticism, and Jessica’s point is a good wake up call for all aspiring big time bloggers.

Kristen Howerton – Kristen not only writes her own blog, Rage Against the Minivan, but she also contributes to Huffington Post. (Remember how Newsle can help you follow journalists too?) Kristen recently wrote a piece about celebrities adopting african american babies and the reasoning behind it. (For lighter reading, check out her review of Disney Pixar’s “Brave” from a parental point of view.)

Catherine Connors - Catherine is a dual force to be reckoned with in the blogging world. She not only runs the blog Her Bad Mother, but she works for Babble, a popular blogging network. Take a look at her opinion on the question every mom has: “Can a mom have it all?

Who are your favorite newsworthy moms?