Movers & Shakers: Boston Startup CEOs

The Boston metro area is well known as a major hub for tech companies. (And we aren’t just saying this because Newsle was founded in Boston.) This might be due to its close proximity to colleges like Harvard and MIT that produce many famous entrepreneurs and CEOs; the city’s tech notoriety might also be helped by the multitude of VC firms in the area. These factors have produced some promising tech companies, under the leadership some very well respected up-and-coming business & technology titans. After featuring some of the most newsworthy startup CEOs in Seattle; we thought that Boston deserved to be in the spotlight as well.

Below are some of the most written about tech startup CEOs in Boston:

Seth Priebatsch - Seth, CEO of SCVNGR, has been working hard to position his LevelUp app at the top of the crowded mobile payment space. His most recent change allows users to contribute to a charitable cause via the app. Seth must be doing something right, as LevelUp is close to its one millionth transaction and recently increased its funding to $21 million.

Bettina Hein - In addition to being one of L’Oreal’s 2012 USA Women in Digital “NEXT Generation Award” winners, Bettina is the CEO of Pixability, a video marketing company. She recently gave her insight to BostInno about how to make a video go viral. Her take on the issue is that having the goal of going viral often sets you up for failure.

Dave Kerpen – Dave is the CEO of Likeable Media, a social media & word of mouth marketing agency based in Bostin & NYC. He was recently quoted in an article about the presidential candidates’ social media presence, (which is a hot topic these days, with Obama’s AMA on Reddit and Ryan’s post on Quora.) Dave also gave some advice that would come in handy for any recent graduate still looking for work in his Forbes article, “5 Essential Tips To Make Your Social Profiles Resume-Ready.”

Brian Halligan – Brian, who coined the term “inbound marketing,” is the CEO of HubSpot, a marketing software company. Just two weeks ago, Brian and Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah unveiled Hubspot 3. The pair claimed that the update would feature “ personalization achievable for the rank-and-file businesses that power our economy.”

Vanessa Green – Vanessa, CEO of OnChip, appeared earlier this week at an MIT entrepreneurship event which featured a student accelerator competition, a direct rebuttal to Peter Thiel’s announcement that he’d pay students to drop out of college. Vanessa’s advice to the student competitors was to “show up and keep showing up. Take advantage of the ecosystem.” And congrats to Vanessa, as investors are showing up in support of OnChip: the company recent raised $2.4 million in funding.

Stephanie Kaplan – Stephanie, CEO of Her Campus spoke about the benefits of deferred admission for MBA students in a recent US News article. She was accepted into Harvard’s 2+2 program as a senior in college, but not before winning a case competition for her company, Her Campus, which is “a collegiette’s guide to life.” Stephanie’s wisdom extends beyond college, though, shown in her advice on how to encourage innovation without leading to burnout; she claims it’s about setting lofty goals and pulling people away from their usual to-do lists.

Who are your favorite Boston-based CEOs? What city would you like to see featured in the next Movers & Shakers?